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 Little Jeff Ventriloquist Dummy
Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101

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Includes 2 great
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Hottest Item on Ventriloquism 101.com!

Puppet does not stand as shown, but does sit unaided

Click the video below to find all about Little Jeff!

Jeff Dunham's

"Little Jeff"

Ventriloquist Dummy


Wow! Now you can own the same Little Jeff ventriloquist figure that ventriloquist superstar Jeff Dunham currently uses in his show!

Think of the hours of fun you'll have blaming things on your very own Little Jeff!

Little Jeff: "Mrs. Wilson, you're really packing on the pounds. Better lay off of the bundt cakes and fried Snickers bars."

Mrs. Wilson: "Timmy! How dare you talk to me like that!"

Timmy: "It wasn't me, Mom. It was Little Jeff."

Mrs. Wilson: "Of course it was, Timmy. I'm sorry. You're such a good boy. Here, take this $10 and go buy yourself some comic books."

Thank-you Little Jeff!

But seriously, if you or someone you know is an aspiring ventriloquist, this is the perfect puppet to use to learn ventriloquism.

Or, if you're just a fan of Jeff Dunham, Little Jeff is a must have item. It's the ultimate collectible!

This is one of the absolute coolest, most sought after items we've ever offered on Ventriloquism 101.com in our nearly 17 years online.

You can use Little Jeff dressed as is, or you can dress this hip, friendly looking character in another outfit and give him his own personality!

This beautiful figure is made from the same mold as the real Little Jeff!

He also has professional features found on dummies costing a LOT more, and the exact same features and controls as on the real Little Jeff!

Is Little Jeff the same quality as a true, full-sized professional "hard" hand made ventriloquist figure? No. But, in our opinion, he far surpasses being considered a "toy" ventriloquist doll. And this puppet certainly can be used to perform with! There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to the quality of this dummy for this price. You'll be proud to own and use your Little Jeff dummy.

30" size
Hollow body (plenty of room for child or adult hands)
Beautiful blended paint on the head and hands
Ball & Socket headstick control - head turns side to side, tilts and nods
Moving mouth with smooth control lever
Side to side, realistic moving eyes
Plastic head
Vinyl "biker" boots, hair and hands (with painted fingernails!)
Head lock
Shirt back is pre-slit for easy access to the headstick
Comes dressed as pictured

Little Jeff also comes with:

Instructional DVD by Jeff and the guys to help teach you how to become a ventriloquist, PLUS a course booklet!


Custom carrying case! It's made to look like a trunk and even opens like one. There is a carry handle on the outside and styrofoam inserts to help keep your new Little Jeff safe and secure inside. Sweet!


There was a limited quantity of these dummies made, so order now while they are still available!



Bonus 1: Ventriloquism Revealed Booklet

This knockout 32 page booklet has been one of the most popular items on Ventriloquism101.com for over 10 years. It contains tons of other tricks, tips and secrets to ventriloquism. Here’s what’s covered:

Ventriloquism-What's it all about?
Ventriloquism-Where should I start?
Who can be a ventriloquist?
Of what value is ventriloquism?
Where is ventriloquism used?
Ventriloquist "Dummies"

How it ventriloquism done?

Ventriloquist Puppet: Build it yourself
How to write a ventriloquist routine
Script: "You Axed for It"
Ventriloquism, Puppets, Marionettes

Bonus 2: Make Your Little Jeff's Eyes Move Automatically!


The Little Jeff dummy has eyes that move side to side, as is mentioned in the description. BUT, they do not automatically self-center when you lift your finger off of the control lever. Many professional ventriloquist do NOT use self-centering eyes, as they like the control of moving them back and forth themselves.

However, some people really like self centering eyes.

So, as an added bonus, if you purchase your Little Jeff dummy from us here at Ventriloquism 101, I'll include, illustrated with FULL COLOR, photos, instructions to show you how you can easily, and I really mean easily, do a simple modification to the puppet to make the eyes move automatically based on the way you turn the head. He looks straight ahead when he faces forward and the eyes move to one side or the other based on the way you turn the head - automatically!

You do NOT have to open the head to get to the eyes or mechanics. It's all done from the body and control stick. Again, a very easy modification that you can do!

You may not choose to make this change to Little Jeff, but it's a really cool feature if you want to do it!

Little Jeff Ventriloquist Dummy
with DVD, Booklet and Collector's Case/Box
and FREE BONUSES "Ventriloquism Revealed" Booklet and "Make Your Little Jeff's Eyes Move Automatically" Illustrated Instructions

ONLY $109.95
(plus $17.95 standard shipping & handling-oversized box, to anywhere in the US).

(Shipping rates are for US customers! International customers please email for shipping rates to your country)

Please note:

Purchase your Little Jeff from a company that's been online for 18 years, is dedicated to the art of ventriloquism, owned by a professional ventriloquist and known worldwide for their outstanding customer service!

Lee has known Jeff personally for over 30 years and we work directly with Jeff's warehouse staff for all orders. All Little Jeff dummy orders are packaged and shipped (usually within 48 hours or less) right from Jeff's warehouse!


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