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TONY AND BENNY - PRO PUPPET Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101
Note: Also see our Beginner Puppets!

Absolutely beautiful, high quality and easy to operate professional full-size ventriloquist figures.

Tony & Benny!

For A Limited Time!

Hand crafted  by figure maker and world renowned professional entertainer, comedian and ventriloquist, Jerry Layne.

When Hollywood is looking for a figure to use in a televison or movie production, they most often look to the creations of Jerry Layne.

Jerry's figures have been featured on many TV shows such as: "Tales from the Crypt", "Captain Kangaroo", "Three's Company", "News Radio", "Nash Bridges", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Sister Sister", "The Drew Carey Show", and the motion pictures "Zapped" and "Beautiful." Also, his figures have appeared in countless TV commercials.

© 2005 Jerry Layne
Jerry with two of his other creations he uses in his show,
Lester & Chester

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Added Bonus!
For a limited time, order the Tony or Benny professional ventriloquist figure and receive, absolutely FREE, the "Ventriloquism 101 with Lee Cornell: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Ventriloquist in as Little as 30 Days!" DVD or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

Tony is a classic looking figure, Benny has a more comical look. Either figure will be a hit with your audience!


Tony and Benny Features:

Beautiful, classic look that appeals to every audience
Professional 42" full size figures
The unique design of Tony and Benny allows for easy operation with either the right or left hand
Wonderful realistic paint on the face and hands. Tony and Benny look good close-up or on stage. Each puppet is carefully hand painted
Quality construction means these professional figures will probably outlast his or her new owner. Only the finest materials are used for construction
Slot-Jaw mouth opens wide for fantastic visibility and also shows great looking teeth
Custom made hands
Smooth ball and socket neck action allows the head to glide effortlessly back and forth - up and down
Easy to use headstick and logically placed control levers make Tony and Benny a pleasure to perform with

Expressive "Easy Glide" side to side self centering moving eyes. (Choose blue, brown or green). With some other companies figures self centering eyes, the eyes snap back to the middle when the eye control lever is released, causing an un-natural looking eye movement. But, with the "Easy Glide" control on our Tony & Benny figures, you leave your thumb on the control lever and as you move your thumb back and forth, the eyes are gently pulled back to center for a really smooth, natural and easy to control self centering eye movement.

Very high quality, hand tailored wig. (Choose auburn, black or blonde)
Tony and Benny come dressed in custom made clothing (except for shoes)
The lightweight, wooden frame body is carefully balanced so he can sit alone
Two year warranty on the puppet mechanics*
Additional Photos:
Tony's Hands Tony's Stick

More About Tony and Benny:

Each Tony and Benny is built from scratch when you order. You'll appreciate the smooth, easy to operate controls, the fabulous painting and shading of the head and hands and the attention to quality and detail. All at a price hundreds of dollars less than similar ventriloquist figures.

Make no mistake. This puppet is no "mass produced" toy dummy, but a real professional ventriloquist figure that you will be proud to use in your show. Tony and Benny have that classic look that is always a hit with the audience.

Jerry Layne has been building ventriloquist puppets for over 30 years and is also a full time performer. He has appeared on many television programs, cruise ships, night clubs and in every other possible venue. His ventriloquist figures have been seen in motion pictures and they are also used by professional entertainers all around the world. He brings his talents as an artist and performer to the creation of his puppets.

By the way, each Tony and Benny figure is built by Jerry Layne himself. Some companies use several people during the construction process which can affect the final quality of the puppet. Mr. Layne personally makes each puppet himself to insure that you get a top notch professional ventriloquist figure.


Special Bonus:

For a limited time, order a Tony or Benny (or both!) professional ventriloquist figure and receive, absolutely FREE, the Ventriloquism 101 with Lee Cornell: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Ventriloquist in as Little as 30 Days!" DVD or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - FREE!

Wow! That's right.

You get the #1 selling ventriloquism video course on the Internet - FREE!

And the best part is the unbelievable price for Tony or Benny:

Tony or Benny

professional ventriloquist figure

Only $799 (Regular $849)
(WITH 'Easy Glide' Self Centering side to side moving Eyes)

Compare to other companies figures costing $900-$1200

Go ahead. Look at other companies pro figures. Look on eBay. Look wherever you wish. We are certain you will NOT find a figure of this quality, for this price, anywhere else.

And don't forget, if you order right now, you'll also receive
the Ventriloquism 101 with Lee Cornell: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Ventriloquist in as Little as 30 Days! DVD

Please read the important delivery note below the pricing
before ordering!

(WITH 'Easy Glide' Self Centering Eyes)


Purchase Online Now!

(WITH 'Easy Glide' Self Centering Eyes)


Purchase Online Now!

Order on-line Right Now using your Visa or MasterCard on our 100% secure server, or call (317) 752-2651 to order by phone.

As mentioned above, each Tony and Benny is hand built from scratch by Mr. Layne.

These are NOT mass produced assembly line figures. They are not modified toy dolls. They are professional figures, built to last a lifetime.

It is unfortunately very common in today's "I want it now" society to become anxious when waiting on any purchase that involves some patience. But patience is a necessity when ordering a professional ventriloquist figure from ANY reputable figure maker.

Depending on his performance schedule and the number of figures he has to build, the length of time to complete your puppet may vary. Mr. Layne will complete your new partner as soon as possible, but it will probably take between 16-20 weeks to receive your figure (unless you order one of our in stock figures when available).

In the world of professional figure making, this is still a very generous and short time-frame. There are other figure makers who take a year or longer to complete a professional puppet. Feel free to contact other professional figure makers and inquire as to how long it will take to have a made to order dummy completed. Most will take a lot longer than Mr. Layne.

Please do not call us 4 weeks after you order to start inquiring as to the status of your figure. It only adds more frustration and pressure on Mr. Layne when people try to push him to try and "rush" a figure. Again, know up front that it will generally take 16-20 weeks to complete your figure. Please be patient. If he finishes sooner, he will send your new figure sooner.

The wait will be well worth it! In the meantime, you can be learning ventriloquism with your FREE bonus "Ventriloquism 101" DVD or download, which you'll be shipped or be able to download immediately.

To make delivery faster, upon completion Mr. Layne will send your new puppet to you right from his studio.

In addition, you may request blonde, auburn or black hair, and brown, green or blue eyes for your Tony on the on-line order form in the "Special Requests" section.

Also, no other animations are available on Tony or Benny at this time (i.e. winkers, blinkers, raising eyebrows). This helps keep the cost down so that more people can afford a high quality professional figure.

ORDER TODAY and in a few weeks, you'll be performing with a brand new Jerry Layne professional ventriloquist figure.

Tony and Benny!

*Two year warranty does not cover modifications made to the puppet by the owner, or damage  to the puppet caused by abuse of the puppet

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